St Arsenius of Srem Serbian Orthodox Church

St Arsenius of Srem Serbian Orthodox Church

508 Byron Street South
Whitby ON L1N 4R3

St Arsenije Sremac Serbian Orthodox Church is located in Whitby.

In December in the distant year of 1969, Bishop Dr. Sava, of Eastern America and Canada, by the appeal of a number of residents in Oshawa, near Toronto, gave his blessing for the founding of a parish under the patronage of St. Arsenije of Srem.

Our church-school congregation consists of one parish which reaches over the territory of the eastern GTA area: Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and a bit further east to the area of Kingston.

We are inviting Orthodox Serbs and other people of good will to visit our church-school community.

Contact Name: 
Very Rev Milutin Veljko
(905) 668-2676
Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America - Diocese of Canada
Main Languages: 
Serbian, Church Slavonic
Old Style (Julian)